août 30, 2022

Strikes US against Syrian base « Shayrat »

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missiles1US cruise missiles have safely crossed the area controlled by the new Russian weapon to inhibit NATO communications and orders. According to General Philip Breedlove, then Supreme Commander of NATO, this weapon allowed Russia to take advantage of the United States in conventional warfare. It should have disrupted the guidance systems of these missiles. It has not worked, either because the Pentagon has finally found a technical response or it has been turned off by Russia.



The Syrian anti-aircraft defense includes S-300s controlled by the Syrian Arab army and S-400s served by the Russian army. These weapons are supposed to be capable of intercepting cruise missiles,  These are of course automatic weapons. They did not work either. No anti-missile missile was fired either by the Russian army or by the Syrian army.

When the US cruise missiles reached their target, they found an almost empty military base, which had just been evacuated. They would have destroyed the tarmac, radars and planes that had been out of use for a long time, sheds and dwellings. However, they have killed a dozen victims, nine of whom died.

The question is why the Syrian or the Russian Army did not intercept any of these 59 cruise missiles…

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