août 30, 2022

Heads of State asleep at the 28th Arab Summit…

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Some 21 Arab heads of state gathered on Wednesday in Amman, Jordan for the 28th annual summit of Arab leaders. The main stakeholders were confronted with a crisis shaking the Middle East, including the situation in Iran, Yemen and Syria and Iraq.

A vital meeting for the future of some of the countries. Yet the situation did not seem to anxious everyone, since some of these pseudo heads of state forcefully imposed on the Arab people literally fell asleep in the face of a humiliating image.

These leaders do not represent the Arab people. They are all in the pay of some lobby and working for specific agendas that everyone knows … So, boys of the western government you are not ashamed of yourself, you Have no dignity.

The Arabs of all times were proud men and real warriors … not you. You are just a Feather merchants.

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