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The Ignorance of the Governor of Shardjah,about the greatest war of the modern era…

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ديغول منح الجزائر استقلالها ليكسب عبد الناصر

تحدث صاحب السمو الشيخ الدكتور سلطان بن محمد القاسمي عن الثقافة والحكمة في التفكير السياسي، قائلاً: سُئِلَ شارل ديغول الرئيس الأسبق لفرنسا، لماذا كلما أردت اتخاذ قرار هام وعقدت له اجتماعا مع كافة الوزراء، تحرص دائماً على أن يجلس بجوارك وزير الثقافة مورو ، بينما كل الوزراء متواجدون؟ فأجاب ديغول: «لأن وزير الثقافة يذكرني بإنسانيتي».

وتابع سلطان قائلاً: سأل ديغول وزير ثقافته كيف استطيع أن أكسب ود العرب الذين تُمَجِد فيهم؟ فأجابه: بأن ترضي الزعيم العربي جمال عبد الناصر، رحمة الله عليه، فإذا كسبت الزعيم العربي جمال عبد الناصر فإنك ستكسب العالم العربي بأكمله.

فسأله ديغول: كيف يمكنني أن أكسب الزعيم العربي جمال عبد الناصر؟

فأجابه: عليك أن تعطي الجزائر استقلالها.

فقال ديغول قاصداً الجزائر: «الآن عرفتهم»، وعمل على استقلال الجزائر. 

وهنا نرى كيف تمكن الإنسان المثقف من تحقيق أهدافه بدون أن يحمل أسلحة ويطلق نيرانا، باستخدام الكلمة الصادقة والتوجه الصحيح

Sheikh Sultane Ben Mohammed Al Kacimi, governor of Shardjah and member of the High Council in the United Arab Emirates, suggests that Algeria’s independence was « offered » by General Charles De Gaulle to Gamal Abdel Nasser.

He said in an interview Sunday (March 19th) with several Emirati media, and taken up by the daily newspaper Al Khaleej, evoked a discussion that would have had, according to him, Charles De Gaulle with his Minister of Culture André Malraux in the early sixties .

« De Gaulle asked his Minister of Culture: how can I win the sympathy of the Arabs? He replied: we must please the Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. If you get to have his confidence, you will have all the Arab world with you. And how can I have Abdel Nasser at my side? His minister replied: by giving independence to Algeria. De Gaule then said, referring to Algeria: ‘now I know them’, and he worked for the independence of Algeria, « said Sultane Ben Mohammed, on the sidelines of the 46th London Book Fair.

For your ignorance Sir Governor of Shardjah, the war of Algeria is one of the greatest war of modern era…

This Governor did not express any reservations about this alleged exchange between De Gaulle and his minister nor recalled the struggle of the Algerians against French colonialism. A colonialism that lasted 132 years. On the contrary, this governor of Shardjah seems to share the position of the former French president, perceived as a model of wisdom in political action and thought. « Here we see how a cultivated man can achieve his objectives without taking up arms and without opening fire by using the right word and taking the right direction, » he said in speaking of the conversation between De Gaulle And Malraux.

Plus, The apocalyptic predictions of Dr. Ricoux did not materialize, but they clearly expressed the « demographic disaster » affecting the Algerian population since the beginning of the French conquest in 1830. Even fierce advocates of French domination, like Dr. Ricoux, recognized the consequences Dramas of colonization for the Algerian people who were destined to disappear, like the Amerindians or the first inhabitants of Tasmania.

The oppression of the Algerian people did not cease after the period of the conquest (1830-1871). It perpetuated itself in other forms, notably by a policy of destruction of the cultural and civilizational identity of the Algerian people. Following the genocidal conquest, France put in place an ethnocidal policy aimed at eliminating all the social and cultural characteristics of the Algerian people, focusing on Islam and the Arabic language which was declared a foreign language In his own country. Pre-colonial educational structures, mosques and other Muslim places of worship were largely destroyed.

The massacres resumed in the aftermath of the 1939-1945 war in order to fight the Algerian national movement which wanted to liberate Algeria from the French colonial yoke. The massacres of May 1945 in the north-Constantine caused several thousand victims. After the outbreak of the Algerian Revolution in November 1954, the mass massacres perpetrated by the French troops took on a new dimension. Massacres, mass rapes, systematic torture or internment of civilian populations in « regroupment » camps, the French repression was, for nearly eight years (1954-1962), a series of war crimes and crimes against humanity. In his letter of resignation addressed to Robert Lacoste, resident minister in Algeria, the Algiers police secretary general, former resistant Paul Teitgen, who had been tortured by the Gestapo, did not hesitate to compare the action of French military to that of the secret police of the Third Reich.

Altogether, a hundred and thirty two years of French colonization in Algeria (1830-1862) reportedly  made, according to historian Mostafa Lacheraf, about  6  million   Algerian  martyrs…

This is only a small part of the cruelty of the horror of the French colonialism, Which you seem to be amazed by the hypocrisy of the commissioners of the massacres committed on Muslims … you should have never talked about our dear ALGERIA…

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