août 30, 2022

Why the Germans no longer come to Tunisia? The German Ambassador in Tunisia explains…

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It is not that terrorism and security conditions that scare away tourists and perplex as to whether to spend their holidays in Tunisia. The German Ambassador in Tunisia, Andreas Reinicke evidenced.

In an interview with Mosaique FM, he explains how the poor service quality and grime places reluctant the Germans. He discussed the problem of the spread of garbage Djerba and lack of public bins in the streets of the island. According to him, the German tourists said that if the garbage remain so, lying on the ground and where it should not, they will not come back. Furthermore, he stated that the Tunisian tourism sector must innovate to face global competition. It must be according to him, open luxury hotels and make, of course, a good quality of service.

Andreas Reinicke also insisted diversify tourist activities. German tourists seeking various recreation. In sum, he said, we must develop a new strategy to attract German customers and make good decisions.

And  here in Algeria they  just pushed people to go to Tunisia « Tunisia looks good for you »say an Ad on tv…  Why ? going to  TUNISIA to see their rubbish can on streets? Or u just interessted in money that algerian can spend there. VIVA Algeria its thousand times better than Tunisia and Morocco .

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