septembre 21, 2021

Google suppression of Palestine of its cards

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Thousands of people signed a petition calling on Google to restore Palestine to its maps are after simple replacement by Israel. Journalists have called the measure a « failed attempt to falsify history. » More than 150,000 signatories supported a petition on, « Google: put your cards on Palestine », accusing Google Maps to « make ethnic cleansing accomplice of the Israeli government in Palestine. » The petition also denounced the change as a « serious insult » to the Palestinians. The group has asked Google to cancel the measure of 25 July, the day the search engine has removed the name of Palestine in its maps application designating all the Palestinian territories as Israeli. Journalists believe that this controversial decision aims to « oppose all standards and conventions and aim to falsify history and geography. » If « Palestine » pat on the search engine Goolge Maps, there is an empty space on Israeli territory, marking the Palestinian territories by a dotted line without naming them.

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