août 30, 2022

Nocturnal outings to beaches and pools in Algiers for the Children of the Moon…

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A commendable initiative recently taken by the Essaada Association (Happiness). Nearly 200 children with Xeroderma pigmentosum, known as the « moon children », supported by the association at the wilaya of Algiers, enjoy during the summer of nightlife to beaches and pools of the capital.

 These nocturnal outings to beaches and pools allow these children and their parents a breather and entertained away from the dark rooms of their house and sunlight that are a danger to them. In a statement to the Algerian Press Service (APS), the vice-president of the association, said that the association has 180 children with this rare disease, of the 240 cases recorded in the wilaya, adding as night trips to the leisure areas (beaches, pools, playgrounds) are organized for these children who can not enjoy the summer than during the night.  

It also offers them UV protection films, pairs of glasses. A big BRAVO to this association…

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