août 30, 2022

Thousands of people at the funeral of the little Nihal in Oran.

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Le cercueil en bois recouvert de l’emblème national a été porté par des agents de la protection civile avant d’être mis sous terre, en présence de plusieurs milliers de personnes (© TSA)

A large crowd attended the August 7 at the burial of the remains of the small Nihal Si Mohand at the Cemetery « Ain El Beida Oran ». The funeral, reported Algerian Press Agency) started in mid-morning,from the parental home, located in the popular district Emir Khaled (ex Eckmühl) towards the cemetery to the west exit of Oran . The remains of the small Nihal filed, Saturday evening at his home in Oran for a wake before burial ceremony. The wooden coffin covered with the national emblem was worn by civil protection officers before being placed underground, in the presence of thousands of people, hundreds of police, the security chief of Oran and father of the deceased, Mokrane, who seemed defeated by the pain. The emotion was visible on their faces. Many anonymous in tears.   A funeral oration was delivered by an official of the Religious Affairs. 

The first words are going towards the present: « Thank you all, you who have come to share the pain. We are hurt, dismayed, « he says, voice full of emotion. « The death Nihal has shown immense unity of the Algerian people,from Tizi Ouzou to Tamanrasset, Oran and in the far east of the country, » he continues. He added: « The President of the Republic, the Government, local authorities, all security services and civil protection share the grief of the family of the deceased in which they present their sincere condolences. » The day before, a human tide had greeted the coffin arrived around 22:30 at the home from the hospital mortuary Tizi Ouzou which is far nearly 500km west tizi ouzou. Thousands of people gathered outside the funeral home to pay their last tribute to the deceased and to show solidarity with his family.

All Algeria calls for « the execution of the death penalty in a public place » no monsters not kidnappers and no child killers in Algeria.

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