août 30, 2022

The authorities impose the black out…

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réseaux3 The main social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are still inaccessible in Algeria even Google yesterday was inaccessible. Despite the failure of this operation – social networks are accessed via VPN networks –The authorities continue to persist in their strategy: prevent leakage of real subjects Bac.

The cut of social networks will last until June 23, the date of the end of Bac part examinations. Last night and this morning, the cut of social networks has created a lot of disruptions throughout the Internet, penalizing millions of Algerians and businesses. The authorities have provided no explanation of these disturbances. A ridiculous solution is an attack on individual freedoms in addition to being a rape of telecommunication conventions that Algeria has signed! deprive Algerians of  communication proves once again the failure and incompetence of the dirigents. This is ABSURD and UNACCEPTABLE.

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